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Symbol +
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Alt Code 43
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Copy and Paste Copy and paste the text (ASCII) symbol + for your own use!
How to Generate Alt Code Symbols Share
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How do I create this symbol? Press Alt and 43 to generate the + symbol.
How to use Alt Codes To insert an alt code text symbol, you can either copy and paste our symbol, or you can insert it yourself using the keyboard. On Microsoft applications, such as Word, Excel, or PowerPoint, first turn on Number Lock (NumLock). Next, press and hold the Alt key. While pressing the Alt key, type the code for the symbol that you want. If there are two digits in the number, press both digits one after the other, while holding down the Alt key. After you have pressed the numerical keys, then release the Alt key.

Other Alt Codes

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Greater Than Sign Symbol >
Alt Code: + Math, [ ] Computer Science, / Coding > 62.0 + Math, [ ] Computer Science, / Coding
Less Than Sign Symbol <
Alt Code: + Math, [ ] Computer Science, / Coding < 60.0 + Math, [ ] Computer Science, / Coding
Pound Sign Or Hash Sign Symbol #
Alt Code: + Math, [ ] Computer Science, / Coding # 35.0 + Math, [ ] Computer Science, / Coding

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Similar Alt Codes to Plus Sign Symbol +

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⊕ Circled Plus
Text Symbol: Math ⊕ Math
+ Fullwidth Plus Sign
Text Symbol: Short Symbols + Short Symbols
ï¹¢ Small Plus Sign
Text Symbol: Small Symbols ï¹¢ Small Symbols
Plus Sign Symbol +
Alt Code: + Math, [ ] Computer Science, / Coding + 43.0 + Math, [ ] Computer Science, / Coding
⨹ Plus Sign In Triangle
Text Symbol: Math ⨹ Math
∓ Minus or Plus Sign
Text Symbol: Math ∓ Math